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From the soil to the plant - from the motor hoes to the walking tractors, the motor mowers and to the shakers - Brumi’s mission is that of facilitating the necessary work to obtain the best fruit, maximizing quality and reducing the operator's effort as much as possible. Professional Agricultural Machineries, modern, easy to use and multifunctional, designed pursuing quality as the only driving value.

Agri line

Motor hoes, walking tractors, motor mowers, transporter , electrical and endothermic shakers for professional agriculture/farming. Powerful, long lasting and versatile tools to work on large and small plots.

Motor hoes

The tool that’s always been the most used in agriculture to work on large and small plots. Thanks to the different tillers and engine types, the Brumi motor hoes’ collection offers a complete proposal of “indispensable allies” for everybody.

Walking Tractors

Powerful and reliable machines, manageable and reversible: the ideal solution for working the soil, for horticulture and gardening. With wheel drive and differential to minimize the turning radius.

Motor mowers

Ideal for mowing the fodders and the grass, with cut of the stems at the base. Easy to guide, manageable and reversible for a precise cut in every working condition.

Electrical Shakers

Light and manageable machineries, thanks to an accurate and essential design. Maintenance, noises, vibrations and environment emissions reduced to the absolute minimum.

Endothermic Shakers

First of all power, versatility and productivity. Thanks to the shaker hook, it’s the ideal product for all hanging fruit - olives, almonds, pistachios etc. - very quickly and with minimum effort.

Garden line

Rush cutters, hedge trimmers, trimmers, pruning shears, blowers and much more. Sturdy, lasting products offering top performance while being light, ergonomic and balanced, to maximise comfort during extended professional use.

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