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Brumi’s history is closely connected to the mechanization of Italian agriculture. It follows the postwar economic boom period and contributes to the growth of the Italian agricultural compartment on the foreign markets. Its recent history is that of a company that has learned how to invest in innovation and new technologies, reading the necessities and the transformation of the sector, capitalizing the company historical values, always convinced of the need for a bio and eco-compatible economic development.


In over sixty years of history, Brumi has produced and commercialized through a number of brands that shaped different eras and markets, marking the difference in the tradition of Italian agriculture: beside Brumi, MPM (Matteo Pitanza Machineries) and Brutal, livery still present today in some of the high end products’ collections.


Brumi designs and develops new technologies necessary to offer professional machineries and tools for the agriculture of tomorrow.


Synonym of quality, the “Italia” manufacture has old roots, and has always combined knowledge and artisan creativity to innovation, attention to detail to the quality of the industrial processes.


Technopolymers, carbon fiber, aluminium alloys. The challenge is to use more suitable materials and to perfect every detail to provide agricultural operators with the best available machineries on the market.


Ergonomics, weight and, why not, esthetics. The ongoing use of our machineries, directed to professionals, forces us to an accurate design study to maximize safety and every kind of comfort, and therefore the operator’s productivity.


Since the origin of man, it’s from working the soil that he has been able to get support and nourishment, and it’s with the evolution of agricultural systems that he makes his products more available to everybody. It’s a never fully solved research, that Brumi carries onwards by making it a company mission: facilitating the unchanging symbiosis between man and soil, synonym of life.


We have an ethic vision of quality, that’s always been a company value: quality as a pervasive force that inspires discipline and guides us in our decisions and processes. Quality is therefore not just our result and aim, but an ongoing drive and a parameter of inner satisfaction.


It always has a strong impact coming across a classic Brumi, finding that it’s in a perfect and functioning state, still essential today for those who, for decades, have been using it as a reliable tool to prepare the soil. It has a great impact, it’s a point of pride … despite it happening very often. Brumi is a science where obsolescence doesn’t exist.


We are proud of our past, but in Brumi there’s the constant drive to perfect company and product policies. An innovation that involves the addition of young and qualified technicians and a comparison with the international evolution of every kind of technology, that we are ready to adopt if it means another step towards improvement.

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